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August 29, 2007

THE not-for-profit facebook expert

My friend Kristi Graves Donovan mentioned in a facebook status update that she was trying to come up with ways to use facebook in her organization. It might -- or might not -- surprise you to learn that the first contact I made with any member at my new job was through facebook. And just tonight I set up an official facebook group for my employer. These are just the first steps in what I hope to roll out for VAR in the social networking area.

But I'm way behind Lee. If you want to learn about how to use facebook for your association, Lee Aase is where it's at. He's coming up with all kinds of cool ways to use facebook. Check out his blog, subscribe to it, or friend him on facebook. He's my facebook inspiration.



Anonymous said...

Good stuff.

Sent Lee Facebook and LinkedIn requests. Subscribed to his blog as well. I see he works at the Mayo Clinic. I would love to talk with him about that, since I was recently a patient there, and have plenty of suggestions for communication.

LeeAase said...

Thanks for the kind words, Ben. I'm glad you're finding my blog helpful. I think associations can gain tremendously from Facebook as a way to connect members and foster community, without any IT investment. Then, if you find there are some features you need that aren't part of the core set, you can program them through the platform. Or, as your needs grow, maybe you need a separate social networking site of your own.

But you can set up a Facebook group in less than an hour, as you found. I'm glad you've taken the plunge.

And Daniel, I'll look forward to talking with you through Facebook...I'd like to hear about your experiences and any ideas on how we can improve communication.

Kristi Donovan said...

Thanks Ben!