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July 18, 2008

Wordpress, people. Wordpress. Use it.

I'm a walking evangelist for two things on the web. One of them is Wordpress, the open source blogging platform turned CMS.

Wordpress can be used for all kinds of websites, not just blogs. Check out this website we threw together for our annual convention using a Revolution theme on Wordpress. Total bill? $80 + hosting. Ridiculous. Check out the fly-outs and integrated blog! I couldn't be happier with Wordpress + Revolution. The kicker is that it's drop-dead simple for even web novices to use.

Our association's blog is also on Wordpress, but uses a custom-developed theme.

How long will it be before I move this blog over to Wordpress? TBD.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, Wordpress is one - what's the other?

Matt Baehr said...

Yes, do tell.

By the way, well done with the convention website. Good stuff.

Ben Martin, CAE said...

@elizabeth (can I just call you Red?): Soon, grasshoppah, soon.

@matt: Thx!

Anonymous said...

Ben - couldn't agree more about Wordpress. I mainly use, but the self-hosted solution gives a lot more flexibility.

I thought about trying to be neutral and give people intros to a few blog platforms, but after checking others Wordpress was so clearly superior I decided it would just complicate things for little or no benefit.

The migration of your blog would give you some growing pains, but eventually you would get your mojo back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,
I currently use WordPress with a Revolution theme for our external and internal association website. However, I use different form software to take new member registrations (and payment info). So I need to copy and paste the username, password to WordPress. Do you know of an easier way? Is there such think as a WordPress pluggin for member management?

Cheers, Jeff