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September 07, 2004

What have I become?

I'm starting to scare myself.

I read 150 pages worth of anti-trust summaries in the Association Law Handbook today. That's double my goal for the day, yet it went so fast. I read about anti-trust considerations as they relate to membership classes and sections, membership termination, research, discussion of prices and fees, lobbying, accrediting and credentialing, standardization and simplification, etc., etc., etc. The penalties for breach of anti-trust laws are so singularly onerous, it is essential that associations identify and examine every activity which could cause one to even suspect restraint of trade.

While the preceding sentence sounds as though it were copied directly from the Association Law Handbook, I assure you they are my own words. Through what can only be attributed to immersion and osmosis, my own writing is beginning to mimic that of Jerald A. Jacobs. I definitely need to lay off the reading tonight.

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