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October 16, 2004

CAE Immersion Course Days Two & Three

I didn't sleep well last night (or the night before for that matter). Two of the practice tests that were administered before the domain presentations Thursday and yesterday really freaked me out. I got just over half of the questions right from those two tests. It was not looking good.

Then I returned to my hotel room from dinner and watched The Matrix Reloaded on HBO. Bad idea. That movie, coupled with my poor testing, got my heart and mind racing and it was at least 1:30 a.m. before I got to sleep. Ugh.

Despite this I was able to concentrate during the course today, and I did much better on today's practice tests. Out of the 25 questions today, I missed but two. And out of the 57 total questions from the five practice tests given over the past 3 days, I've missed just 15. That's 74% correct, which would be a passing grade on the CAE exam under most circumstances.

Aaaahhhh, yes. That's a nice feeling. Just going to let that settle in for a minute. Aaaahhh.

I do feel like I have a good grasp on the concepts, but the gap in my knowledge -- I feel -- is applying the concepts to the case studies presented in the exam. I'm feeling much more confident this evening, especially after realizing that I've gotten 74% of the questions right on those 5 practice tests. Add this to having the benefit of two sleep-deprived nights behind me, I'm sure I'll rest much better tonight. Tomorrow we have one hour devoted to a 97 question practice test. This will be the first comprehensive test of my CAE knowledge. Tonight I'm feeling confident. We'll see how I feel tomorrow after the practice test.

Here are my scores from the five practice tests...

Domain 1 Governance & Structure: 9 of 14
Domain 2 Leadership Processes: 4 of 8
Domain 3 Management & Administration: 6 of 10
Domain 4 Internal & External Relations: 12 of 13
Domain 5 Programs & Services: 11 of 12

Total: 42 of 57

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