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March 24, 2005

Find me on page 72

On Tuesday I finally got around to opening my March 2005 issue of Association Management magazine. It wasn't until I stumbled across -- after reading the rest of the magazine -- page 72 that I remembered reading in a letter that ASAE was going to print successful CAE candidate names in Association Management. But there I was, just south of center-page!

Nice, but it was a little disappointing to be printed after the Resources section of the magazine -- if you're like me, you stop reading 1-2 pages into that section. I wonder how many successful candidates will even see page 72 -- or any ASAE members for that matter?

Certainly I'm thankful -- very grateful, in fact -- for the printing of my name in the magazine. I suppose I had higher expectations, thinking ASAE would want to make a bigger deal of its newly-minted CAEs. I'm sure the ceremony at the annual meeting will really be nice, and I'm definitely looking forward to that. And perhaps they think the ceremony is enough of a spotlight for its new CAEs -- and maybe it is. I'll soon find out. But only 10% of ASAE members show up at the annual meeting, whereas every member gets the magazine.

Perhaps I would suggest they move future announcements closer to the front. This topic seems like appropriate subject matter for the President's message. You know, congratulations to the successful candidates followed by a list of their names. Didn't I read that this was the largest CAE class ever? Why not call attention to that?

Note to self, file this under "missed opportunity," is my association doing enough to recognize new CPAs in Virginia?

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