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March 20, 2005

Honk if you read this blog!

As I was coming down the home stretch on my 13 tips for passing the CAE exam, I began thinking about the future direction of this blog. I've studied for and passed the exam, and I'll receive my CAE plaque at the ASAE annual meeting in August. I also have some exciting professional experiences coming up soon which are related to the CAE, and association management in general, that I'd like to share on this blog. But beyond that, I don't know exactly what to do.

I have some ideas, but I'd also like to get your feedback -- even if you're only an occasional reader. Please e-mail me or leave a comment here with any suggestions you have about the Passing the CAE Exam blog. What have you liked best about this blog? Do you see areas for improvement? What do you think should happen next?

I am most eager to learn what you think. Thanks in advance for your feedback!


David Gammel said...

Just keep writing and see where you go. I think it's more important that you are writing about stuff you find interesting. If you do that, the right audience will find you.

Christopher Bailey said...

Okay Ben, I'm going to de-lurk now and second what David wrote. The first and only rule of blogging is to write from your soul. Let your voice be known and your audience will find you. It doesn't hurt to be provocative, as well.

My thought is that you might want to reenvision your site from the ground up. You mentioned that the site's original purpose has now passed, but you still have much to say. A thought is to change your blog's name to something that is closer to where you want to take YOUR blog.

In all, I think what you have to offer is very powerful for the profession. I know you have a fresh vision for where associations can go. Stay true to your voice.