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May 31, 2005

ASAE 2005 Nashville Assn BloggerCon

Just a reminder -- I'm organizing an informal meet-up of association-industry bloggers (or those who are interested in discussing blogs) at the ASAE Annual Meeting in Nashville this August. Please comment here if you'd like to participate. Time and location are TBD. Jeff De Cagna (perhaps the association industry's most prolific blogger, and the association industry's only podcaster) and David Gammel have already RSVP'd, and I hope you'll join us too!


Jeff De Cagna said...

Ben, Kevin Holland over at Blogging for Associations has said he'll join us, and I'm certain that Jamie Notter of Get Me Jamie will make it as well.

Shawn Z. Lea said...

Ben, I would love to join y'all. Thanks, Shawn