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May 25, 2005

The value of the CAE certification -- Part 1

I've been thinking a little more about the value of the CAE designation, and I have a few thoughts for you. I'll post in three parts over the next few days.

First, by no means is the CAE a requirement to have a successful career in association management. However, the CAE is looked upon by many associations as being an important -- and in some cases, essential -- component of an association executive's set of tools. For example, listen to this clip from a conference call hosted by the Center for Association Leadership's Emerging Leaders Learning Community on the CAE designation.

I can't imagine an association board excluding a CAE from consideration for the job based solely on the fact that the candidate was a CAE. But as you have heard in the link above, not having your CAE will remove you from consideration for some senior positions. No, the CAE is not mandatory for a successful association career, but having it opens up opportunities unavailable to non-CAEs.

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