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May 26, 2005

The value of the CAE certification -- Part 3

I know this discussion has been going on for a long time before I chimed in. But for me, it was sparked by an anonymous blogger's second-hand report of what appears to be an unguarded, off-the-cuff remark by the CAE commissioner that could have been taken out of context. So let's take those comments with a grain of salt.

Yes, one of the things you learn in studying for the CAE is to first do no harm (would you fly with a pilot who knows all the advanced maneuvers, like loops and barrel rolls, but hasn't yet demonstrated the ability to come in for a landing?). But once you've learned to do no harm, you build upon that foundation. That's why our industry should continue to put emphasis on professional development. As I pointed out in my last post, a certification can mandate continuing education for those who want to continue using the designation. Once you earn your masters, that's it. In my view, the CAE exam -- or some kind of equivalent -- should continue to be part of the association executive's academic journey.

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