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August 17, 2005

ASAE/Center: Best annual meeting ever?!?!?!?


I've never been to an annual meeting like that. These days, impressing me takes a lot. A whole lot. ASAE & The Center's Annual Meeting was an extremely powerful meeting. I think it goes down as the best annual meeting -- of any kind -- I've ever attended.

Ordinarily I'm satisfied if I come away from a conference with 1-2 ideas I can put to work, or 1-2 concepts that help me better examine and evaluate my role in my association. But...

  • I have at least 5-6 things I can use and act on from this meeting.
  • I have at least 3-4 new concepts to explore.
  • I connected (and reconnected) with many, many people that will remain on my mind and my contact list for years to come.
  • I have stuff I can blog on for at least a month -- lucky you!
  • The experiences were fun, profound, emotional and applicable.
ASAE/Center staff: relish this moment. Your hard work has paid off, and you deserve a standing ovation. Congratulations!
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