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August 11, 2005

Pictures: Pimp my office & more workplace fun

Here are a few fun things being done around my office recently:

1. We have a "valet program" in the office where you "adopt" someone on staff and do things to celebrate their birthdays and employment anniversaries. I came in early one day last week to "pimp" the office door of the person I adopted, as in the MTV show Pimp my Ride. Here's a picture:
pimp my office2. We also take time at staff meetings to recognize anniversaries, and supervisors are asked to brag on their staff during the recognition. In addition to my bragging, I wrote a haiku about my member outreach coordinator and read it at the staff meeting.

3. Our most recent management team meeting agenda contained the following item: Staff Nicknames. This is not because we're concerned about staff giving each other inappropriate nicknames. Far from it! We're hoping to get our entire team hooked up with a nickname. Mine is still up in the air, by the way. It's between Ben Jovi and She Bangs (it's a long story).


Shawn Z. Lea said...

I vote for Ben Jovi - you don't want a nickname you have to explain. Then you can shorten it later to B-Jo or BJ or B. Diddy. There's room to grow, in other words. ;)

Kristi Donovan said...

Funny... at my first job we had nicknames for each other... I was Christy Brinkley (Kristi)
Victoria's Secret (Victoria)
Casablanca (Blanca)
Cindy Crawford (Cindy)
Jackie O (Jackie)

That was 10 years ago - and I still remember the names! Such a fun idea!