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September 08, 2005

Critique of Association Forum's new podcast

Via the Association Innovation blog, today I learned that the Association Forum of Chicagoland has launched a podcast. I think this is the first association-sponsored podcast out there. Maybe I'm wrong, but if I am: prove it! I can't find any information to the contrary. Rock on Forum!

The podcast, titled Viewpoint, is hosted by the Forum's CEO, Gary LaBranche, CAE. This first edition of Viewpoint is just over three minutes in duration and is primarily an introduction to podcasting. I've added the podcast to my RSS feeds, and as a subscriber I can expect weekly updates, Gary tells me.

Even from the first listen, it's pretty obvious this is the Forum's first podcast. Many podcasts these days have somewhat elaborate intros and outros, some even recorded by professional voice-over artists. There are none here. Gary sounds a little stiff, a little too scripted. There are some transitions from topic to topic that seem a little abrupt or forced. Gary mentions an upcoming event, and initially it gave me the impression that I was listening to a commercial. He recovers by telling us there will be a hands-on podcasting demonstration at the meeting.

While this maiden voyage of Viewpoint is unpolished, to be sure, I think it will get better with age and experience. I've got to applaud the Forum's staff for putting this together. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next edition!

Here's the RSS feed for Viewpoint. Add it today!


Becky Granger said...

EDUCAUSE launched a podcasting experiment this year. We have been covering our conferences, as well as doing some interviews (some even in Skype!). All podcasts have been produced in-house.

Here are the most recent podcasts:

And here are podcasts from our Teaching and Learning group:


PS: LOVE the pic of you in the CAE hat!

Ben said...

Cool, I'll check those out. And thanks for the compliment on the hat!