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December 21, 2005

Research in Action: Super-Trends Discussions

Just in case you missed it in your ASAE Weekly Bulletin, here's the 411 on a little volunteer project I'm spearheading on behalf of ASAE & The Center:

Research In Action: Super-Trends Discussions is a collaborative online learning forum that explores trends and future issues impacting the association community. This unprecedented strategic learning opportunity for the association community will engage you and your colleagues in an interactive dialogue on the eight super trends identified in the ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership publication, Mapping the Future of Your Association. The learning community will begin in January 2006, devoting two weeks to each super trend, and continue through April 2006. To sign up for this free strategic learning program, e-mail and reference "Research in Action."
My friends, colleagues and fellow bloggers Chris Bailey and Nick Senzee are just two of 22 distributed knowledge creators who have volunteered their time and energy to expand the conversation going on around Mapping the Future of Your Association. The discussions taking place will be great fodder for blog posts, so you'll see some excerpts posted here (and on other association blogoclump blogs as well, I'm sure). I hope you'll join in the conversation, and help spread the word about Research in Action too.

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