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December 02, 2005

Sell out your meeting in 12 hours

Professional development people, take note! Un-conference model sweeping in!

I follow the Signal vs. Noise blog not because I need (or fully understand) the techie stuff, but because it's an interesting discussion about the Web and customer experience and other such things. I found it interesting that a meeting that the contributors are holding for a product they developed sold out in 12 hours. And it's a one day seminar with a $700 price tag. And they didn't mail a brochure.

Not too shabby.


Nick said...

I know the A List Apart event sold out super-quick as well (not that quick tho). Also pricey. So what drives the demand? Is it their particular speakers? Obviously the audience is much more engaged but why? My hunch is that it's a demographic self-selection going on. Theoretically, associations could get these kind of results if they engaged people to the same level. But obviously that's mostly not happening. What to do?

Yeah, I follow that blog too. I think the stuff is sort of metacommentary on our work which is to build communities.

Ben said...

Can't say for sure, but I would guess their success can be tracked to 3 factors:

1. They have a cool product.
2. They have an attentive niche.
3. They foster a collaborative dialog.