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January 12, 2006

Article disappears into thin air

Okay, this is bad for NonProfit Times and Linda Graff no matter how you slice it.

In the post immediately preceding this one, I referenced a NonProfit Times article entitled "Volunteers Cost More Than You Think." It extensively quoted Canadian volunteerism consultant Linda Graff. Now, Graff has publicly discredited the accuracy of the article and it has been pulled from the Web. It wasn't up long enough to be cached by Google, or maybe NonProfit Times asked for the page to be removed from Google's cache. It also wasn't cached by my Google Desktop Search (what's up with that?). In any case, I can't find it.

I'm very disappointed that I no longer have access to this article. It was provocative and thought-inducing. Now, the article advancing a divergent point of view has been obliterated.

If anyone happened to download or print a copy of the article, I'd be most interested in getting a copy.

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Chris Bailey said...

Ben, now you've got me curious since I didn't read the original article. I did read her Yahoo! Group message and then found this earlier article called Be Careful What We Wish For! The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Volunteering from 2001.

She frames an interesting debate over whether non-profits, who rely on the efforts of volunteers, really know how to determine the value of this work and whether this energy is directed in the right ways...