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February 11, 2006

The Association for Strategic Planning

I know two guys who eat, drink and breathe associations, but who would recommend a boycott of this one:

The Association for Strategic Planning

Do you think the universe would implode if this group hired Jeff and Jamie?

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Jeff De Cagna said...

That's right Ben...friends don't let friends strategic plan. And they certainly don't let them join associations devoted to strategic planning!

Nick said...

Okay, I've seen blog posts and such disparaging strategic planning. I am not standing up for the status quo or anything, but why is strategic planning so bad? I mean, I can definitely see that they are cycling more rapidly or what have you, but what is the new center for organizational planning? Just trying to understand the point. Point me to posts if you've already elaborated.

David Gammel said...

I think this post by Jamie sums it up pretty well:

Jeff De Cagna said...

Nick, I won't bore you with a long diatribe. The point is this: strategic planning is a philosophy of organizational management and control that has outlived its usefulness in today's marketplace. What associations need is not more goals, objectives and tactics, but more inquiry, creativity and experimentation. This is not at all what strategic planning is about. As for the deeper indictment of strategic planning, it has been out there for some time. Check out the work of Henry Mintzberg and Gary Hamel among others.