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February 15, 2006

Brrreeeport delivers!

Yesterday was a good day for the Certified Association Executive blog. That little brrreeeport gimmick helped me get my third highest visitor total since I started tracking back in November. The only higher visitor counts were on days when I posted five or more times in a single day. I only posted twice yesterday.

70% of yesterday's visitors were first timers. 36% came from links found at tag-enabled sites like Flickr, and Technorati.

I took three screen shots of the top Technorati tags at their homepage, uploaded the images to Flickr, and tagged the images brrreeeport, which put the images onto the Technorati tag page for brrreeeport, which got those images 54 hits. I linked those images over to my blog, which drove more traffic to the Certified Association Executive.

Okay. Enough brrreeeport.

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1 comment:

2¢ Worth said...

Good for you. Now you don't have to wait till Monday for it :-)

I'm trying this too - let's see how it works.

Have a great day