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February 13, 2006

I can't take another General Session!

Can we retire some meeting and education terms that have out-stayed their welcome? On the left, the old, on the right, the new.

General Session >> BrainDump
Panel Discussion >> Debate
Roundtable >> BrainJam
Convention >> Congress
Symposium >> Summit
Lecture >> Download
Webinar >> Podcast
Seminar >> Clinic
eLearning >> Just bury it

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Jeff De Cagna said...

Amen brother...testify!

Chris Heuer said...

As the founder of BrainJams I concur! Though we do more than a round table, it is really a flavor of an unconference that often involves one on one knowledge networking as well as rountable conversations (without the table).

The most important name change for me though is:

Breakout Session >> Breakthrough Session

We have been using that one since October 2005...