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February 10, 2006

I see you!

Here at the Certified Association Executive blog, we started using Google Analytics towards the end of 2005. One of its many cool features allows you to see the names of the networks that are being used to access your Web site.

Today, I'd like to recognize my top blog readers visitors. Since November 2005, here are the top association networks accessing the Certified Association Executive blog:

  1. American Society of Civil Engineers
  2. Oncology Nursing Society
  3. National Association of Childrens Hospitals and Related Institutions
  4. Council of Residential Specialists
  5. Color Marketing Group
  6. Air Conditioning Contractors of America
  7. Minnesota Society of CPAs
  8. ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership
  9. California Building Industry Association
  10. National Rural Electric Cooperative

Thanks for reading!

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