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March 01, 2006

Save paper: No more conference binders?!

Amy Smith has a nice little post over at the The Great Ideas Conference Weblog: Getting Away from Paper Handouts. But I'm not totally on board with abandoning paper handouts altogether.

If you've been reading my blog for more than a month or so, you know that I absolutely loved ASAE & The Center's decision to put all handouts for their inaugural Technology Conference onto a USB jump drive. Fabulous idea in my opinion.

But not everyone thought so. If you didn't bring your laptop to the conference, you were pretty much out of luck when you wanted to follow along with the session handout. I talked to several attendees who had wished there were paper copies available.

Look, not everyone learns the same way, and not everyone wants their manual in the same format, either. So how about giving registrants the choice of going paperless or, um, paperfull? I can see it on the registration form now...

Check one: I prefer to receive my conference manual on a jump drive OR in a binder.

I also like Amy's suggestion for a printing station. Though I find myself giggling a little bit right now thinking about the technophobes who are unable to operate the equipment.

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Kristi Donovan said...

What if.... we charged for the printing of a "handout book," OR you could bring your jump drive and download them - and get a discount on the reg fee?

Ben said...

Cool ideas. I think the more choices you can give to members, the better (without over-burdening your staff, of course).

Tina Horn, CAE said...

Why not the choice of a jump drive AND a paper copy?

Ben said...

Tina, get a grip! Nobody could afford to give away both! ;-)