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May 11, 2006

On the surface, this makes absolutely no sense

I've been posting a lot recently, even though I said I'm totally buried at work. You might be thinking, what the heck? Well, I decided I spend too much time blogging. Again, you might be thinking, what the heck?

By saying that I spend too much time blogging, I mean I spend too much time deciding whether or not to blog something I find or think of and then editing the text once I decide to blog it.

So I changed my blogging habits. I blog faster now.

Does my tone sound more informal? My personality and opinions coming through a little stronger? Well, that's because I'm applying less filtering. Meet my synapses. It's a little more stream of consciousness now. In a word, this blog has become more spontaneous.

Have you noticed? Do you like it?

I'm also making more connections and thinking of more stuff I want to share. Stuff I might have thought was too tangential or not important enough to blog. I'm blogging it now. The challenge is balancing thoughtfulness with spontaneity. Nobody wants just a bunch of outbound links here at the Certified Association Executive blog.

The little Blogger "blog this" button in my Google toolbar has also made getting stuff on the blog a lot quicker, too.

Anyway, expect me to speak my mind more often. As long as I'm within reach of a keyboard.

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1 comment:

Zach Wilson said...

Well, i'll be honest, I like it!! This is the way it should be...commentary that is sharp and right off the cuff.