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May 09, 2006

What do you really need to know?

SvN is on the case again, dishing up tech advice that relates to associations, with Push optional data entry as far back as you can:

"When you build an app that requires data entry, think hard about how much you really need now. If you don’t really need it now then don’t ask for it now. There’s always time to fill it in later."
This year we're implementing a 'quick app' for new members. Basically a prospective member just fills in the minimum amount of required information (including credit card details) -- about ten or fewer fields. Then, once this information is received, we follow up to collect the rest of the demographic information. We decided to do this about six months ago, before we discovered that about 20-30% of people who started the application never completed it. Now that we've identified those 20-30%, we've also recently contacted them to ask them to try again.

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