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June 20, 2006

Acronym's first day

It was a pretty good day for ASAE's new blog, Acronym. It got more comments on its first day than I get in a normal week. But unfortunately it has already become a forum for the needy. At least two requests for information were among the comments today. I wonder if one of the volunteer bloggers should elaborate on what the blog is, and is not, for? ASAE's listservs often get mired in repetitive requests for information and best practices. I sure hope Acronym doesn't pick up that disease.


Jeff De Cagna said...

Ben, I noticed that too and mentioned it in my blog post on Acronym. I'm also concerned about an inconsistency in the approach to handling comments. On one post, I made a comment that was immediately posted. On another post, my comment was held for approval and it is still not up even though I can tell that one of the chief bloggers has posted something in response to the same comment to which I was responding.

It's only the first full day, so I'm sure these issues will work out, but like you I'm concerned they could be disquieting portents.

Jeff De Cagna said...

UPDATE: The comment issue I mentioned above has been resolved.