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June 23, 2006

Member value framework

A post on ASAE's Executive Section listserv about the value of networking prompted me to post this diagram. I'm helping to author a chapter in an upcoming ASAE desk reference manual on membership. In the course of starting to write that chapter, I came up with this.

It attempts to demonstrate where the value of certain member benefits often fall in the minds of members, and where they fall in relation to an association's tax exempt purpose or mission. The closer benefits are to the left, the more tangible value they have. The closer the benefits are to the bottom, the more they support the association's mission or tax exempt purpose.

This chart doesn't attempt to depict absolute value. For example, in this chart, members might find an association's research to be far less valuable than its networking, even though the latter has little tangible value, and is mostly unrelated to the association's mission.

I'm posting this mostly to get your feedback. First of all, is it helpful for understanding the context of member benefits? Secondly, are the programs roughly in the right place? Are there programs that should be added?

However, I'm not looking for a design critique, Ed.

Oh, and P2P means peer to peer.


1 comment:

Diane said...

I think for our association, networking would be smack in the middle of the chart.