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July 24, 2006

What rhymes with Austin, Boston?

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Nothing much, according to

Tomorrow I'm off to weird and wonderful Austin, Texas for a convention of state CPA society executives. It's really amazing to participate in a conference with people who have such similar opportunities and challenges. There's a homogeneity among the attendees that is unparalleled in my experience. This is both a good and a bad thing.

Besides the convention, I'm really looking forward to checking out Austin's live music scene, the Congress Avenue bridge bats (should I bring an umbrella for the guano?), and seeing guitar god Monte Montgomery for the first time in about three years. Friend and fellow blogger Chris Bailey just moved to Austin, so it'll be cool to see him in a new locale, and to catch the Monte show with him. If any Austinites see this post, I'm looking for a show to see on Thursday night (the 27th). I'd like to see some Texas Blues or Acoustic rock (full band). Just leave a comment.

About this time next month, I'll be departing for Boston for ASAE & The Center's Annual Meeting. I've mentioned that I'm co-presenting a session on the supertrends found in Mapping the Future of Your Association. If your association has a program that addresses the scrimping, virtualization, scrutiny, wave 3.1, or demassification supertrends, please contact me. I'd like to discuss including details on your association's program in the presentation.


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