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August 31, 2006

7 Measures vs. WHADITW

Sorry it's been so quiet around here recently. Time to make a little noise...

Has anyone else finished reading both 7 Measures and We Have Always Done it That Way? Here's a pretty good synopsis of 7 Measures, and of course, you can read WHADITW in blog form.

Here's a nutshell comparison of the books, as I see it:

7 Measures: Proved to be true what we already knew.

WHADITW: Nailed 101 theses to the association cathedral door.

My friend Rick Johnston writes that WHADITW will be more useful to association execs and volunteers in the long run. I agree. I foresee myself referring to WHADITW often, but beyond working with my boss and teammates to get our board and staff up to speed on the principles in 7 Measures, I'll probably only read it a time or two.

As I've compared these two books, I have learned tremendous lessons about the ways in which publishing and the spreading of ideas is changing.

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