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September 22, 2006

Would you respond to this?

VSCPA was playfully mentioned in a National Review Online blog called IrReconcilable Differences. There's no comment box, so any feedback would have to be given via email. How would you respond, if at all?

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Greg Fine said...

I would stay out of it. It isn't worth the risk.

Fred Simmons said...

Link to VSCPA plate - that's awesome. Also, I would respond - just a brief email. Sure, the main topic is divisive. But you can't let him/her call your org "odd or idiosyncratic"!

Nathan Larson said...

It said some of the organizations who have personalized plates are odd and idiosyncratic.

I wouldn't think people would have road rage against the CPA - after all, they are the ones who help you find loopholes that will save you money on taxes. But maybe just the thought of having worked the first four months of the year to pay the government could push some people over the edge.

Ben Martin, CAE said...

@ Greg: Risk?

@ Fred: That site is great. You can even create your own plate. Mine says "DTH TXS"

@ Nathan: Only 4 months?

Jeff De Cagna (Principled Innovation LLC) said...

Ben, I wouldn't respond but it does spark an idea for some possible VSCPA schwag for your members who have the affinity plates.

Use this link to see what I have in mind: