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October 09, 2006

IM aggregator

So, if e-mail is the new snail mail and you're thinking about ways to be more progressive in your member communications, here's one way to get started:

Offer member/customer service via Instant Message (IM).

A few associations have started an IM member/customer service program. Some are using proprietary software, others are using existing free IM services like AIM, GTalk, ICQ, etc.

If you want to use free services like the ones listed above, Meebo is a cool web site that lets you log into four of the most popular IM clients all at once without actually running the IM applications on your computer. Typically, IM clients are real RAM hogs, and having four IM clients running at once can really slow down your system, so having it all run on through a web browser will help keep your `puter running faster.

Also, Meebo has a MeeboMe! feature that allows you to install an IM chat widget on your web site that works directly with Meebo.

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