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April 17, 2007

Least favorite activity

Depending on how you define "accounting program," Virginia Tech has the largest accounting program in the Commonwealth, so as names of the deceased from the Virginia Tech massacre are released, I've been running them across our membership database to determine if any of the victims were members. This routine officially qualifies as the least favorite task I've ever had to do as an association executive.

I have heard rumors that an accounting class was among those that the culprit, Cho Seung-hui, assaulted, but I haven't been able to confirm that. In any case, I had a scary moment this afternoon when I had an exact match between the first, middle and last names of a victim and the same in our database. It turns out I was simply looking two different people with the exact same name.

My employer's members have stepped up to the plate to deliver a valuable public service to families affected by the tragedy by offering free financial advice.

I have a sinking feeling that someone in the membership will be affected by this.


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