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May 23, 2007

Join the Nat'l Widget Assn cell phone plan

Sonopia is a mobile phone service that allows groups of people to create their own cell phone plans complete with social networking, moblogging, picture sharing and other mobile social tools. And associations are jumping on the bandwagon. Already, the American Medical Student Association have signed up 31 members, the National Parks Conservation Association has signed up 63, and the National Wildlife Federation has signed up 111. Associations who create plans not only benefit from being able to cultivate community in their membership and text their subscribers with important announcements, but they also can receive royalties from fees paid by subscribers. And, you can set up your own plan for free.

In a related story, the University of Virginia has decided to implement a text alert system for its students. Everyone should have learned from the Virginia Tech massacre that e-mail is far too slow in emergencies. In fact, if you haven't already heard, e-mail is the new snail mail. If you want quick notification or action, text messaging or instant messaging is the way to go.

Have you figured out that texting your members or constituents should be seriously examined at your association?

UPDATE: Oncology Nursing Society, which has staff who regularly read this blog, have created an ONS Sonopia.


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