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June 12, 2007

Assn Bloggercon 2007 and ASAE2007 Backchannel

Association Bloggercon is chugging along, we now have 14 people registered. I know of at least one association blogger (Nick) who is coming to Chicago, but who hasn't registered. I'd like to select the date ASAP so people can make other plans. So please sign up, tell your friends, spread the word and bring your mom! I'm starting to think Bring Your Mom should be the official slogan for Association Bloggercon 2007. Any feedback?

Also, the ASAE2007 Backchannel now has 7 participants. As proof that the backchannel and frontchannel can happily coexist, we now have an ASAE staff person signed up. Learn more and discover how to sign up for the backchannel.

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Nick said...

I am slow to figure out my schedule. If you end up picking a time, I will just make it happen don't worry.

Ben Martin, CAE said...

Now that's commitment! Hope your mom can make it, too. :-D