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June 15, 2007

Facebook is tearing up the charts

Facebook has recently vaulted into the top 20 most visited websites, clocking in at #17. See their Alexa page. Their new applications platform has really made it fun to use, and people are flocking to it.

I recently heard it said that with the introduction of the application platform, Facebook has become the social web's operating system. I'd say that's pretty accurate. I'd also describe it as a social web aggregator. I can access a bunch of social web stuff directly through Facebook. Very cool.

Personally, I hope they kill MySpace. I'm rooting for Facebook.



Fred Simmons said...

Facebook: yours today for only $2 Billion.

Yeah, I prefer it to MySpace too - if only because I get zero friend-spam on Facebook.

I'm on Virb too, which is also pretty nice (but useless).

Ben Martin, CAE said...

Fred, let me hold some ends, I've only got $1B on me. Can you lend me the other $1B?