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June 19, 2007

It's official!

There's now a Certified Association Executive group on Facebook. Join D-Gamm and me as the early adopters!

Oh, and I got the word that I'm to be the new vice chair of the Membership Section Council. Wewt! With this new responsibility, I guess I need to clean up my act a little. First order of business is to update that picture of me on the section council's web page.

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Kristi said...

Congrats Ben! Don't change that picture! If you weren't so down to earth in your writing and so far ahead with your ideas, I'd be very, very concerned you might go to the dark side! (the old white male club...) But I trust you'll stay down with the cool gen-x folk.

Joe Grant said...

Congratulations Ben - keep up the great work!

Ben Martin, CAE said...

Thanks, guys. @ Kristi... Sorry! A more grown-up picture has been sent to the ASAE staff. But don't worry, behind the tie I'm still the same goofball youngster.