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June 21, 2007

Top 10 Online Collaborative Technologies handouts

Here are the handouts from the Top 10 Online Collaborative Technologies session at ASAE & The Center's Marketing & Membership Conference, updated with other cool tools mentioned during the session. Here's the slide deck, though I think you'll find the handouts more useful:

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Joe Grant said...

Thanks for the handout Ben! Some great ideas in there.


Dennis McDonald said...

Ben, have you posted the slide deck in An example of what you can do with it is here:

Dennis McDonald
Alexandria VA USA

Ben Martin, CAE said...

np, Joe.

@Dennis: done! Thanks for the tip!

Lindy Dreyer said...

Great session, Ben. You covered the gamut and kept us focused. When do you have time to play with all that stuff?

Ben Martin, CAE said...


Thanks for the feedback. Re: time it takes to try out the technologies... It takes a little longer to gas up the lawnmower and put on the bag than it does to simply take a rake out of the shed, but in the long run you can clean up the leaves a lot faster with the mower. It's not as time intensive as you might think, and I do a lot of the experimentation on my personal time. :-)