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July 25, 2007

Introducing ClumpChat 1.0 (alpha)

Wild Apricot blogged about MeeboMe and Meebo Rooms a few days ago. I have a slightly different take on this, and so does Matt Baehr. Matt and I are the vanguard early adopters of ClumpChat 1.0. On our blogs (mine, Matt's) you can chat not only with other people who happen to be surfing our blogs at that moment, but Matt's visitors can chat with my visitors, and vice-versa. Matt and I are inviting all Blogoclumpers to install ClumpChat 1.0. Here's how you do it:

Go to my blog or Matt's and find the ClumpChat 1.0 widget on the right side. There's a little button on it near the bottom that says EMBED. Click it. Copy the code and then put it on your blog, MySpace page, your association's home page, or where ever. The more people that add it, the greater the network effect, and the better the connections we can forge. I promise to change the logo, too.

Also, keep in mind that the chats you send are public, and the room is public too. Just now we've gotten some pretty random chats. If you want to chat me confidentially, use the Chat Me Up widget just below ClumpChat 1.0.

Kudos to Matt on the name. He will be rich one day from the licensing deal.

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