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July 11, 2007

Mark Your Calendar for Assn Bloggercon 2007

Association Bloggercon 2007 will be held Sunday, August 12, 2007 from 10:30 - noon somewhere in McCormick Place. I'm working with ASAE staff to "get a room" as they say. As a reminder, the bloggercon is open to current and future bloggers, so feel free to drop in even if you don't blog or didn't pre-register. Details on the location will be posted here.

In other news, we only have nine people signed up for the mobile interactive backchannel. Even some of my most technically astute friends haven't signed up -- don't make me call you out! I'm looking to hit at least twenty participants. Clumpers, help me out! Instructions on how to sign up for the backchannel.

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Chris LaBossiere said...

Thanks Ben. I might check it out if the set-up goes smooth and we are ready to roll...


Chris LaBossiere

Tony Rossell said...

Ben -- Keep me posted. I would enjoy attending. Tony