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August 30, 2007

Bloglines Beta

Bloglines has a new beta version. I adore Bloglines for its fantastic mobile interface. I actually read a lot of my blogs on my cell phone (yes, I do have 20/20 vision). Just in case you want to know what I think of the new Bloglines beta, here are the comments I sent in for feedback:

Like where you're heading with this. A few suggestions...
1. The new font face makes it difficult to discern between bold and normal emphasis.

2. The feeds could be spaced closer together in the tree.
3. I'm not sure I like the new READ checkbox feature. Items aren't marked "read" until you click in the reading pane.
4. In IE7, the links don't show up in the status bar when you hover the mouse over a link.

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Eric Engleman said...


We just a launched another release which addresses some of your concerns.

In addition, we launched a few new features also available in the current Bloglines including pin, email a post and hotkeys.

We hope you like the upgrade.

Eric Engleman - Team Bloglines

Ben Martin, CAE said...

Eric, nice work on the horizontal spacing. What can be done about the bolding?