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August 24, 2007

Eight random things about me

A long time ago, Soha from Wild Apricot tagged me with the 8 random things meme. I'm going super-random here, and I sure do hope you enjoy it:

  1. My master bathroom is painted blue and a very light gray.
  2. Chipotle is my favorite burrito joint.
  3. I wear a Seiko watch with a tachymeter.
  4. I have never been scuba diving, but I have snorkeled.
  5. I have spent a grand total of $3.13 on my last three pairs of flip flops.
  6. My upstairs cordless phone is out of commission right now (dead battery).
  7. I launch 5 home pages at startup of Firefox or IE: Facebook, Gmail, Bloglines, Meebo and MyYahoo.
  8. I like to back my car into parking spaces and my driveway so I can just zoom away when I'm ready to go.

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1 comment:

Soha El-Borno said...

Ben, thanks for taking the time do this!