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September 20, 2007

A friend in need

UPDATE: Thanks to your generosity, we have surpassed $600. If you want to make a donation by credit card, you will have to create an account at PayPal if you don't already have one. But once you set up an account, making a donation to the Sabol Fund by credit card is a snap. Please make a donation by 9 a.m. (EDT) Tuesday, September 25, so we can put this money to good use for Dave and Laura.

A few days ago I learned that my friend, fellow blogger, association executive, and possibly-separated-at-birth-because-we-have-way-too-much-in-common brother Dave Sabol, author of the blog, Associated Knowledge, had his life turned upside-down. His wife Laura was in a terrible car accident and while she is expected to recover, she will be laid up for several months. Dave has a young son, a demanding day job, and a ton of other responsibilities, so you know this will be a hard time for him and his family. Several of the association bloggers have already banded together to raise over $400 for Dave's family. If you like Dave's blog, or even if you have never read it, please consider making a donation to a fund to help him out. You can use this donation form at PayPal to send whatever amount you'd like.

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