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October 05, 2007

Like a Pot Luck Dinner on the Web

Here's the latest from Lee & Sachi LeFever: Wet Paint (wikis) in Plain English. This is a how-to on getting started with actually composing a wiki. Wikis in Plain English taught you why wikis are useful. This one shows you how to actually set one up using a well-known wiki platform. RSS subscribers may need to click through to view the embedded video.

Not to take anything away from Wet Paint, here's a blogging tutorial our association created (with help from members) for use at a Social Media Lab during our convention using a free wiki from pbwiki. The VAR Social Media Lab wound up yielding at least twenty new real estate blogs in Virginia.

Incidentally, we never used the word wiki when describing the blogging tutorial to members. You'll understand why if this phrase means anything to you: "Wiki. BOOM!"

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