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October 16, 2007

Showing love for

Preparing for our annual convention last month, I needed a short run of custom stickers in a matter of days. I did a web search and came up with a bunch of mom & pop custom printing websites who offered to turn around my order in a week or so if I'd only email them my artwork. If I had gone with one of them, I assume they'd have sent me proofs by email, and we'd trade emails until they got them laid out just right. Then they'd print and mail them to me. That's soooo 2003.

With a little digging, I happened upon You'd think I would have found them earlier, seeing as they're in some kind of business relationship with where I keep all of my photos online, but I can be pretty clueless sometimes. is one slick website. The image you see to the left is exactly what the stickers I got looked like. I worked up this art in Photoshop, uploaded the image to Zazzle, dropped and cropped it into their template, selected the number and size of the stickers I wanted, and got my order within 3-4 business days (their operation is in California). I printed 18 three-inch round stickers like the one you see above and 32 one-and-a half-inch stickers that read "ask me about my blog." They were printed on thick glossy paper, and the print quality exceeded my expectations. Including shipping the cost was less than $30. And I got to design them myself without a meddlesome human slowing down the process.

I'm a true believer in and will definitely use them again.

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