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November 06, 2007

Mission: 100-200-300 by 2008

A strange confluence of benchmarks is looming just a few clicks away. I'm simultaneously closing in on 100 facebook contacts, 200 LinkedIn contacts, and 300 blog subscribers. I have set a personal goal to hit those benchmarks by the end of the year. Here's where I stand:

  • Facebook: With 81 current friends, this one might be tough to hit. I'm adding new friends at the rate of about two per week on average, but I'm heading to the NAR convention in Vegas next week and I expect to gather a boatload of business cards that could boost that number substantially. I also haven't checked my high school or college graduation years in a few weeks, so just doing that will probably give me another four or five contacts. If you've been reading this blog but never friended me, please don't be shy! My facebook profile.
  • LinkedIn: The network effect has pretty much kicked in for me, as I'm currently at 186 connections. People are finding me, and LinkedIn has a really excellent feature for expanding your network with a few clicks by checking their user list against your Outlook or webmail address books. By contrast, facebook's friend finder works great with GMail, but just hangs when I try to get it to talk to Outlook, where I have 600+ contacts. My LinkedIn profile.
  • RSS subscribers: You might be looking at the Feedburner count on my blog and think there's no way I could hit that goal. My subscriber count bounces around from about 200 up to its max at 218, depending on how many readers have fired up their newsreaders that day. In addition to the main feed, though, I also have a combo feed that distributes posts and comments together in one convenient feed. The combo feed has peaked at 48. To hit 300, I'll need to add another 44 subscribers. And adding subscribers is the most difficult task of the three, since readers have to opt in.
Anyway, if you can help me reach my goal, I'd sure appreciate it. Forward my blog to a friend, subscribe if you're reading me via HTML, friend me in facebook or LinkedIn.

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