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November 14, 2007

Vote NO on ASAE's proposed bylaws changes

I am urging all ASAE members to vote no on ASAE's proposed bylaws changes.

My major concern about the proposed changes is that it strips rank and file ASAE members of the right to amend their own bylaws, and instead gives that right exclusively to the board of directors. Couple this with a downsizing of ASAE's board, and you have concentrated the ability to alter this profession's governing documents into the hands of a very small group of people who are not in sync with the average ASAE member. Add to this that ASAE's own research shows boards of directors are woefully out of sync with the rank and file member. This lack of common ground should be mitigated with a number of checks and balances, including giving the right to amend the bylaws to all members, not just the board.

Please, vote no on ASAE's proposed bylaws changes. And spread the word!

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1 comment:

Tony Rossell said...

Ben -- Thanks for your willingness to take a stand and express your opinion. I wonder what ASAE's reasoning is for making these changes. Tony