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December 31, 2007

2007 Year-end stats

There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies, and statistics. Here are my lies for the year. I do think that these statistics shed some light and truth on what were some of the more interesting and engaging posts of the year. It also gives me a chance to say thanks to the websites sending traffic over here and to the organizations whose employees read this blog.

12,151 visits for the year, 6,807 absolute unique visitors. 25,198 pageviews, 2.07 pages per visit. Peak total RSS subscriber count: 292 (peak normal feed count + peak combo feed count, eight short of my goal). 229 blog posts for the year.

Top posts for the year:

  1. 13 Tips to Help You Pass the CAE Exam (741 unique views)
  2. A Baker's Dozen CAE Tips & Tip #1 (327)
  3. Tip #2: Think Like a 60 Year Old White Man (321)
Top posts published in 2007:

  1. The Tweet is My Kink: Don't Make Fun of Members (226)
  2. The ASAE2007 Backchannel (196)
  3. Online Social Networking Continues Heating Up (182)
Most commented posts (three way tie):

  1. Seven Simple Tips for New Bloggers (11)
  2. I've Encountered a Job Hazard (11)
  3. Is There a Statute of Limitations on Commenting? (11)

Top referring sites:

  1. Acronym (405)
  2. Blogoclump (290)
  3. HighContext (174)
Top network locations:

  1. ASAE & The Center (342)
  2. Executive Director, Inc. (99)
  3. NACHRI (79)
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Matt Baehr said...

Wow - the #2 referring site. I am so proud. My stats as of my 6 months of blogging: 1,142 visits, 590 uniques. Google, Acronym and you are my top referring sites. My generational issues post was my top post.

Happy New Year!

Kristi said...

I SO hope this means that other people in my office are reading your blog... and if you are, my NACHRI colleagues, start commenting!

Of course, there is the distinct possibility that I spend way too much time reading your blog. But it is worth it...

Ben Martin, CAE said...

@Matt - Actually Google is my #1 referring site, but I excluded all search engines and feed readers from my referring site stat.

@Kristi - Thanks for your long time patronage of my blog!