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January 21, 2008

The blogger speaks

Sorry for the commercial, here comes a shameless plug: I'm available for public speaking gigs, and my calendar is filling up quickly.

  • February 27, 2008: Lunch & Learn Alexandria | Society of National Association Publications
  • March 30-April 1, 2008: AE Institute Boston | National Association of REALTORS
  • April 24-26, 2008: Digital Now Orlando | Fusion Productions
  • May 29-30, 2008 Marketing & Membership Conference Baltimore | ASAE & The Center
  • June 6, 2008: Monthly Meeting Richmond | Virginia Society of Association Executives
  • June 8-10, 2008: Annual Meeting Myrtle Beach | Association Executives of North Carolina
  • July 13-16, 2008: Regional AE Conference Young Harris, GA | Georgia Association of REALTORS
  • August 16-19, 2008 Annual Meeting & Exposition San Diego | ASAE & The Center
At ASAE & The Center events I've rated four or better on a five point scale, and my roster of public speaking clients is rapidly growing. Sessions can be adapted for association staff, chapter employees, volunteer leaders, birthday parties or halftime entertainment. Below you'll find a menu of topics I can present along with my rates.

Cool Tools to Help Volunteers Get Things Done (Up to 90 minutes)
Online collaborative technology used to be reserved for those with the highest technical acumen and largest budgets. Not anymore! Today’s Web-based collaborative technologies deliver cutting-edge opportunities to work with volunteers across the globe, at different times, and even all at once. Attend this session to learn about all the best technologies and discover how to choose the most appropriate solution for you.

The Decision to Join Meets 7 Measures of Success (Up to 90 minutes)
ASAE & The Center’s new research study, The Decision to Join, holds a wealth of actionable intelligence for associations to help them increase membership. Go on a learning excursion with your peers as you uncover the major findings in Decision to Join and how they relate to previous ASAE & The Center research projects like 7 Measures of Success and Mapping the Future of Your Association. Your discussion leader, a prolific speaker and author on association trends, will help you explore connections between these works that you may have never considered.

Towards a More Effective Chapter: N Tips in N Minutes (Up to 60 minutes)
You’ve figured it out: The way your group has always done it won’t cut it for much longer. You recognize it in the lower numbers at meetings. Volunteers are harder to find. The younger members aren’t participating in the same way, if they’re even participating at all. So what can you do about it? Attend this lightning round session to arm yourself with N tips to help your chapter break out of the doldrums.

Effective Uses of Social Media in Associations (Up to 90 minutes)
You’ve heard the buzz about associations using social media and you’ve decided to give it a try. From blogs, to podcasts, to wikis, to social networking sites and all points in between, you may not be sure where to start. With the rate of change in social media and unwritten rules about how one is supposed to conduct him- or herself in the social web, you need a crash course in what associations have learned in this realm to succeed. Learn how associations are effectively using social media from a practicing association executive using social media and one of the industry’s original and most widely-read bloggers.

  • $995 + travel expenses per session
  • $1495 + travel expenses for any two sessions
Deposit: 50 percent of the fee due on acceptance of assignment
Contact: bkmcae at gmail dot com

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rscottbrun said...

Reminds me of a Gilbert & Sullivan lyric....

"If you wish in this world to advance,
your merits you're bound to enhance;
you must stir it and stump it,
and blow your own trumpet,
Or trust me, you haven't a chance."

Maddie Grant said...

Yes, but can you sing? : )

Ben Martin, CAE said...

@maddie - not very well, but for a small additional fee....