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February 08, 2008

If you don't do social marketing, you aren't executing on the basics

Inc. Magazine calls all of you communicators and marketers who have so far avoided social media a bunch of slackers. They say social marketing is now 100-level material.

The New Basics of Marketing: "The world of marketing is radically different than it was only a few short years ago. From viral video to text-message campaigns and avatar sales reps, marketing tools that only recently seemed rare and futuristic are quickly becoming commonplace. They're the New Basics."

h/t: realDia/blog

1 comment:

thasker1520 said...

I've been trolling your blog for a long time, and now am compelled to comment/ask a question based on continued negative feedback I'm being given by my CEO when I propose that we, as an organization, begin to blog. I have recommended she have one, our president have one, and legislative affairs department have one. Or, we could combine the three into one for one big top level conversation. For the past year, it's been "too much time; who reads those things; we don't really want people to see negative feedback; is there data that shows our members want this; etc."

I had just about made the business case when she returns from the ASAE CEO-COO meeting with this little pearl in an email when I asked if we could sit down to discuss (yet again). "I'll have to share with you the comments made at the CEO-CSO Seminar re: blogs being the ego trips of baby boomers....Xers and Yers text, apparently."

Do you know what session she's referring to, and who on earth said this? Seems pretty archaic and definitely not at all wholly informed. I would love to learn how you made the case in your organization... any tips for those of us in the trenches who are pushing for this but getting incredible resistance?