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August 26, 2008

Meet the NEW association community bloggers!

The A-List Bloggers network debuted last week at ASAE with a dozen or so contributors. I also learned about a few more association-themed blogs at the Annual Meeting. Let's meet them, shall we?

  1. Caron Mason, CAE - A brand new CAE from the American Industrial Hygiene Association, she actually recommends my 13 CAE exam tips in one of her first posts. She's going to start blogging her own exam tips, too. Mine are getting stale, so I this as a good thing. Caron is a web content specialist, so she definitely knows her way around the tubes.
  2. Renato Sogueco - He's the CIO of the Society of American Florists. Renato is heavy into open source software and is a second year member of ASAE's Technology Council. Ironically, the association blogocluster was missing a bona-fide all-around technology blogger - until now.
  3. Association2020 - The author, Stuart Meyer, isn't exactly a new blogger, but his association blog still has that new blog smell. Stuart works for the Emergency Nurses Association in Chicago and I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with him on a few occasions. Additionally, he's a member of ASAE's Membership Section Council, so I've gotten to know him and his thinking on associations pretty well over the past few years. He has a knack for putting together the practical and the theoretical.
  4. Thx4Playing - Authored by another Membership Section Council member, Elizabeth Weaver Engel has been blogging for a long time too, but just launched into association blogging within the past two months. She's with Beaconfire Consulting, which is an appropriate name for her employer because she has fiery red hair and red hot opinions to boot.
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