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October 18, 2008

Cool little thingie: forwards RSS to SMS

You might think I'm crazy, but I actually find SMS to be less intrusive than e-mail. That's why after writing about TweetBeep this week, I decided to look around for a way to get filtered Twitter alerts by text message. I found, which is so gosh-darn simple (including the design), I just love it. It forwards RSS to SMS and only asks for three fields when you sign up: Cell number, email address and RSS feed.

So I went to, picked up the RSS feeds for my important Twitter search queries (such as this one, plugged them into Pingie. The alerts usually arrive by SMS within 30 minutes, which is about as real time as you can get for the price (zero bones).

And of course you could use Pingie to get nearly instant updates from any kind of RSS feed. highly recommended.

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