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August 30, 2004

No turning back now!

Last week I faxed in my application to take the CAE exam. I had been meaning to do that for about 2 weeks, but my travel schedule has been a little crazy and getting to the application has taken a back seat to more essential activities.

As I wrote earlier, getting the 75 hours of continuing education was not a problem. I actually listed 111 hours on my application, and that didn't include every course I had taken over the years. It also didn't include the 18+ hours I'll get from the Center's Fall CAE Immersion Study Course (which the application says I can't list anyway). Furthermore, I was pretty conservative with the hours I listed. I also included authorization to charge $500 to my credit card to cover the application fee.

I phoned ASAE to ensure that it was okay to fax in the application. Mail in DC is still not predictable in the wake of the anthrax scare (at least from my experience), so my preference was to fax it in. I spoke with Greg Melia, the CAE program manager, and he ensured me that fax would be fine. He also noted that some of the folks on ASAE's CAE board have seen this blog.

Last week I also registered as a guest for the Virginia Society of Association Executives monthly lunch meeting where there will be a table for local CAE candidates. The more people with whom to share the preparation, the better.

Finally, I'll be on vacation next week, but I'll not be going anywhere exciting. I'll be reading my books to prepare for the exam. I hope to have finished at least two of the books by September 12th. Blogging between chapters, I hope.

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