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August 23, 2004

Who knew?

I have a newfound respect for bloggers. Jeez, this takes a lot of time!

Having flown to and from Minneapolis, put on five networking events, traveled from Richmond to DC back to Richmond and now to Virginia Beach, and come down with some kind of evil coughing illness -- all in the space of 10 days -- I'm finding myself way behind in my posts. During my flights to and from Minneapolis, I was able to read twelve chapters of Professional Practices in Association Management. The good news is I'm almost half way through with the first book recommended for preparation for the CAE exam. But the bad news is, in the interest of time, my notes may never make it to the pages of this blog. Perhaps I could write some broad synopses, but I don't see anything approaching the detail of my post on governance and structure.

Anyway, greetings from Virginia Beach, where I'm visiting with members this week. Here's a shot of my favorite "pitt" stop when driving to and from Virginia Beach.

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